Car GPS Tracker
Car GPS Tracker

    Car GPS Tracker

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      Why the GPS Tracker for Vehicles?

       REAL-TIME POSITION TRACKING: Track your vehicle via GPS
       INCREASE SAFETY: Receive alerts if someone tries to steal your car
       TRACK LOCATION ON YOUR PHONE: Always know the exact position of your vehicle if someone else is using it

      Always know where your vehicle is any at given moment! Our GPS Tracker provides you with real-time, highly accurate data so that you can track the location of your car on your smartphone!

      You will receive alerts if someone tries to steal your car! Perfect for the safety of your property!


      Who would not like to track their car simply with a smartphone?

      Most systems available on the market do require an expensive installation setup with an additional monthly fee. Our GPS Tracker works a lifetime with a single payment! No monthly extra charges! You just need to purchase or use your existing SIM Card to insert into the Car GPS.

      The installation will take you less than 5 minutes!

      This GPS Tracker has been carefully designed to work with most cars! Simply connect it to the ACC and download the free application to track the GPS location of your vehicle on your smartphone!

      Product Installation

      • After you receive the package, please check the content to find the provided User ID to login to the Tracking Software
      • The password is: 123456
      • Visit the Website or search for "SinoTrack" on the Google Play Store or the iOS App Store to either use the web interface or the dedicated application to track the location of your vehicle.
      • The GPS Tracker will be hard-wired to the battery of the car. Our GPS Tracker comes with an included battery as a backup. Once you start the engine, the GPS Tracker will turn itself onb
      • In the event that the GPS Tracker will be removed from the battery, it will send you an SMS alert to your smartphone
      • Insert a SIM Card into the GPS Tracker with the right Server IP, Port and APN Settings - make sure that the SMS has no PIN code activated

      Product Specifications

      • GSM Quad Band: GSM 850/900/1800/1900Mhz
      • GPS Chip: UBLOX7020
      • GPS Sensitivity: --162Db
      • Time Accuracy: 1 ms 

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