Cash Money Gun Spray (Customized Logo)
Cash Money Gun Spray (Customized Logo)
Cash Money Gun Spray (Customized Logo)
Cash Money Gun Spray (Customized Logo)
Cash Money Gun Spray (Customized Logo)

    Cash Money Gun Spray (Customized Logo)

    $35.00 $49.00
      • OUR ADVANTAGE: A rising American brand,Super gun,It can give you a different feeling, It is worthy to be happy with your friends.
      • THE PERFECT DESIGN IS MORE EFFICIENT AND QUIETER:You can hardly hear any sound during the process of playing money gun make it rain with your friends, giving you a different experience than your friends.
      • WHAT YOU GET: Money gun+100pcs Cash,Feeds up to 100 dollar bills and sends them flying across the room. Let You Enjoy Endless Fun,fashion toy gun, a good choice for a gift.Brilliant for distributing money, flyers, coupons and Even business cards.
      • SUITABLE FOR:Great addition to any bachelor/Bachelorette party! marketing! playing cool! bar! nightclubs! birthday party!weddings etc Party Games.

      Product description

      Unique Uses:

      Money Gun can make your dream come ture.

      Whether you are bachelor/bachelorette,children, adults or even the aged, as long as you would like to show your cool, You will definitely shine on marketing,playing cool,bar,nightclubs,Bachelorette party,wedding receptions,Christmas,white elephant,birthday party or company party.

      It’s lightweight and easy to use, making it a breeze to take it inside of any club or party. This new and innovative novelty toy will make all the exotic dancers flock when they see the money drop! Money Gun brings an excitement to your event in a unique celebratory fashion,Use it to distribute money, flyers, coupons and even business cards.

      Gun that makes men rain:

      You can consider buying two guns, use your hands to shoot more attractive, feel great, bring happiness to others, and be happier! Can also be given to friends or can play.

      Instructions to Use:

      1) Please make sure you always use neat banknotes in the Money Gun,Use of crumpled bills might jam the gun.

      2) Please do not put more than 120 banknotes at a time,Keep level or up when launching, otherwise it will cause the money to be sprayed quickly.

      3) Just point the gun a little up in direction you want and pull the trigger in small bursts. The loaded money will come out flying.

      4) Suitable Age:10 +


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