Crazy Cane
Crazy Cane
Crazy Cane
Crazy Cane

    Crazy Cane

    $18.99 $37.98

      With the rampant street crimes nowadays, we must ensure our very own safety and learn to protect ourselves anytime, anywhere with the help of this Portable Self-Defense Staff.

      This metal staff extends from 5cm to 110cm in just seconds! In times of danger, you can silently pop it open and defend yourself from anyone.

      You can also carry it with you anywhere you like. With its concealable form, no one would ever notice you have it with you. With its durable build, it is frequently used in martial arts. Just press the button at the bottom and it will instantly release the staff.

      • Lightweight and portable
      • Made of high-grade stainless steel
      • With a unique micro-concave shape
      • With an increased rotation speed of over 30%
      • Durable and long-lasting
      • Easy to use and handle
      • Easy to store back to its original form
      • Buy 2 Free Shipping

      Defend yourself against any attack. From awareness and prevention to realistic functional self-defense techniques, do it all only with the Portable Self-Defense Staff!

      • Warning: This product has a strong force.Please extend your wand when you are not use, this cane extends with a lot of force.DO NOT LET KIDS USE IT! DO NOT POINT YOUR EYES WHEN GOING TO RELEASE IT!
      • Extended Length: 110cm Or 150cm
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        • We ship to 127 countries, including US, CA, AU and all countries in Europe.
        • 7 days needed to US, CA, AU and 9 days to Europe.
        • Free returns within 30 days of Purchase.

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