Scare Box Spider Prank
Scare Box Spider Prank
Scare Box Spider Prank
Scare Box Spider Prank

    Scare Box Spider Prank

    $16.99 $33.98

      This Scare Box Spider Prank is perfect for you or any practical joker you know. Kids, parents, grandparents, colleagues. It is absolutely hilarious to watch people open the scare box.

      Just simply hand the box to someone. As they slide down the wooden lid, out jumps a creepy wiggly spider! Remember to set up your video camera to capture the moment! Fun, inexpensive and unique! Let the chuckles, snorts, giggles and laughsbegin!


      • Great Seasonal Gift: This scare box spider prank give you and your love ones a great laugh in parties. It is a good idea of seasonal present, as well as giving you an unique and exciting experience. 
      • Quality Material: Each spider scare box is made with love and care, knowing that each one is destined for a life of laughter and harmless fun. 
      • Easy to Use: Unlike other complicated remote control prank, you can just easily hand the scare box to someone and conduct the prank. 
      • Durable: The mechanism is extremely strong and the box is well constructed. It is durable and reusable. 


      • Type: Spider Prank
      • Size: 9.3 x 6 x 6.5 cm
      • Prank Box Weight: 0.2 kg 
      • Material: Wooden box, PVC 


      • 1 x Scare Box Spider Prank

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