X10 Mini Camera HD
X10 Mini Camera HD
X10 Mini Camera HD

    X10 Mini Camera HD

    $39.98 $139.98

      Why the X10 Mini Camera Full HD 1080p?

       VIEW REAL-TIME FOOTAGE FROM YOUR Smartphone: Download the app provided and record anything in real-time from anywhere in the world (WiFi Version only)

      ENDLESS RECORDING: Plug the USB Cable (provided) to a powerbank or directly to the outlet and record endlessly.

      1080 HD VIDEO QUALITY: Records high-quality footage in FULL HD 1080p
       NIGHT VISION & MOTION DETECTION: Start recording only when a motion is detected | Works great at night with the integrated night vision  


      The X10 Mini Camera is the most affordable mini Camera on the market at this level of audio and video

      Place it anywhere and start recording directly from your smartphone (WiFi Version only)


      The X10 Camera can record videos endlessly if you plug it to the outlet or a powerbank.

      The motion-detection feature will allow you to record videos only when something is moving in front of the camera:

      You can easily use the X10 camera as a sport cam with the stent (provided), which gives you endless possibilities ( Dash cam in your car, bike, or just by clipping it to your bag while traveling)




        • Recording time: 100 min on battery and endless if plugged to USB Cable (Provided)
        • Model Number: X10
        • Supported Mobile Systems: iOS, Android
        • High Definition:1080P(Full-HD)
        • Viewing Angle (Degree):120°
        • Connectivity:WiFi (For WiFi Version Only)

      What's in the box

      • Mini X10 Camera HD
      • SD Memory Card (if added)
      • User Manual
      • USB Cable to charge and transfer videos to your PC/Laptop
      • Magnetic Rotation Mount
      • Magnetic pad
      • Metal Sticker
      • 3M Sticker

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